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Rock Balancing

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It’s time to say goodbye to negative energy and surround yourself

with endless positive energy!


About Bright-Art Orgonite

Bright-Art Orgonite wants to spread "positive energy art" with its orgonites, which is beneficial to humans, animals, and nature. The orgonites are created by pouring crystals and metal particles into (epoxy) resin. This combination converts negative energy into positive vital life energy.

All orgonites are handcrafted with care, love, and passion using carefully selected and high-quality products and materials. They are made in a sustainable way as much as possible; with respect for people and the planet.

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Joe and Sione Vallee

"Thank you Bianca, We just received our order and we love it. Thank you for such a lovely package. It was like christmas morning. We are very thankful for your service to humanity. The assortiment is just great. We might be ordering again soon"
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