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In addition to protecting against the disturbing effects of electrical appliances, an orgonite can be used for more purposes. You can use it to vitalize your water and food, your animals can benefit from it, it has a positive effect on the growth of plants and you can recharge your gemstones with it. You can read more about that below. 


A lot of water we drink has a low energetic vibration, like tap water. In my opinion, water must always be able to flow if it wants to maintain vitality. Our tap water quality is threatened by medicine residues, microplastics, pesticides, PFAS, etc. This causes it to vibrate lower and the vitality of the water decreases. Bringing the water to a higher vibration will benefit our body. It has a positive effect on our lives.

Orgonite and water

An orgonite coaster is ideal for vitalizing your water. However, the harmful substances contained in it that lower the vibration of the water will not disappear with the use of the orgonite, but the water will be brought to a higher vibration so that these substances will have much less effect on our body and mind. Due to the increase in frequency, the water is often perceived as softer/more pure.


Orgonite and nutrition

Food also has an energetic value. Fresh fruit and vegetables have a higher energy value than fruit and vegetables that have been lying around for a while.

You can put your fruits, vegetables on an orgonite coaster, or place an orgonite in your fridge. A refrigerator is highly insulating and the energy will be distributed. I also noticed this during the water freeze tests. Even without the orgonite in the freezer, I still saw an effect in the (ice) water. Check out the tests here.

orgonite onderzetter


een kat

Orgonite and our pets
Not only us, but our pets also benefit from an orgonite. They can also be affected by the negative radiation around us that comes from all kinds of devices. Moreover, we are also getting more and more (wireless) electrical appliances in our homes. Your home will feel more harmonious with orgonites and this will also have an effect on your animals.

Orgonite and flowers and plants
Flowers and plants also do well with an orgonite nearby. A few years ago I did a test with strawberry cuttings and marigold seeds, both with and without orgonite. The plants/seeds WITH orgonite grew much faster and looked very fresh. Nice to try yourself. You can find several videos of it on youtube. I also had a potted zucchini plant that grew like cabbage.

planten en orgonite
edelstenen op orgonite onderzetter

Orgonite and gemstones
Do you want to recharge your gems? You can do this in different ways, but an orgonite is also very suitable for it. The great thing is that you never have to charge an orgonite. The energy is continuous. 


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