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Gemstones and minerals are beautiful natural creations. About 4000-5000 different species have now been identified and new ones are still being discovered. They were created millions of years ago by natural processes: some stones were created from lava, others from sediments such as sand or clay. They may have been created under extreme pressure or heat. The average rock takes millions of years to get its shape and beauty. By the time we come into contact with them, they have already gone through a whole growth process.

Groene Agaat

Rock crystal, jasper, garnet, serpentine and jade are some of the oldest known species. Stones such as jasper and calcite are found all over the world, but others are only found in certain parts of the world. Ruby zoisite, for example, is only found in Tanzaniaen. 

For centuries people have been looking for these stones and they are used for both functional and medicinal purposes or for their beauty. According to archaeological finds, there was already an interest in gemstones about 400,000 years ago (in the middle of the Stone Age). Some noblestones were used as tools, others because of their beauty as jewelry, for example incorporated in an amulet. The Greeks and the Romans ware great connoisseurs of gemstones and often used them in art. Minerals were also pulverized to use as paint (pigment). For example, lapis lazuli was used by great artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.  Rembrandt also used this for his paintings. 

Gemstones used in healing

Gemstones are valued for their beauty, but also for the healing properties attributed to the stones. In ancient civilizations and primitive peoples they were a precious commodity and they are still very popular. Gemstones have also been known since time immemorial for their own specific medicinal effect. Many peoples, from China to the Indians in America and the Egyptians used gemstones to treat all kinds of ailments. Throughout the world and since ancient times, gemstones have been used to help the wearer. There are stones for protection, fertility, etc.  For example, in the Middle Ages ruby was really known as a stone that gave life force and was heart-strengthening. In India, the moonstone was a sign of fertility. 


Everything around us consists of energy. The people around us, trees, plants and precious stones too. Crystals, minerals and gemstones have their own (raw material) composition, color and frequency. As a result, they have a unique vibration. The medicinal effect of gemstones is mainly due to the specific vibration they give off. They can transmit this vibration to the human energy system and in this way it can have a positive influence. The jasper species, for example, are known to have a very grounding effect. Some stones work on a specific chakra, others on several. You may be attracted to a certain stone. Maybe you need it then. I believe that you choose the right orgonite with the right stones for you purely on feeling or intuitively. Consciously or unconsciously. The orgonite that appeals to you the most, or because you just think it's the most beautiful. 


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