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Orgonites with a sustainable touch


At Bright-Art Orgonite we think sustainability is important. Sustainability is a broad concept. It goes from the origin of the stones to the packaging material and shipping. Below you can see how a contribution is made to this.

Durability and gems

We think it is important that the gemstones are ethically responsible, without child labour, poor working conditions and destruction and contamination of the living environment where the stones are extracted. Fortunately, some governments are taking more action to improve working conditions and some villages are flourishing precisely because of the increasing demand for precious stones. There the people get a fair price for their labor and the stone. The supply chain is not always transparent and this does not always make buying gemstones easy. Now that we are aware of this, we think it is important to look at the origin of the stones. No stones from Congo, Myamar, and Afghanistan.

A better world starts with you

We only have one earth and we have to take good care of it. Not only for ourselves, but also for future generations. That is why we want to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. Green electricity is used at the workplace where the orgonites are made. Separating waste is something that goes without saying and that is why a distinction is made between paper, plastic, glass and residual waste. The epoxy remnants are handed in as chemical waste. The molds used are made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly and reusable material. They are used as long as possible. All other equipment used, such as gloves, mixing cup, stirring spatula, etc., are used several times. It is also ensured that the materials do not have to come from very far and, if this is the case, to stock up immediately. You will only receive the invoice digitally and not on paper. It is best to keep this in your mailbox yourself. Bringing the packages for shipment is done on foot or by bicycle.


CO2 neutral sendings

The packages are sent with PostNL. They now deliver from door to door with net zero CO2 emissions. 

If you order a package, you can also choose to have it delivered to a PostNL pick-up location. If you choose the latter, your package will carpool with other packages to one location. 


Packing material

Almost all materials used for the packaging are made of recycled cardboard, have been reused by me or have the FSC® mark. This characteristic means that the material used comes from a forest, where it has the chance to recover after logging. The animal and plant kingdom in these forests is also protected. It also guarantees that the forest workers work under good working conditions with regard to, for example, wages and safety. Furthermore, environmentally friendly tissue paper is used. To protect some slightly more fragile orgonites, such as the pyramids, they are wrapped in recycled plastic. I ask people in my area to save this for me so that I can reuse it again. This also applies to the somewhat larger boxes.

So all orgonites actually get one 'green' finishing touch before they are sent to the new owner.  


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