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Orgonite Mix Box - A

Orgonite Mix Box - A

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€22.00Sale Price

This is an orgonite mix box. With these mix boxes you get the orgonites that are in the picture.


The muffin shape has gemstones such as amethyst, red jasper, snow quartz, botswana agate, rock crystal and aventurine. Silver wire and nails.


The flower shape has a large amethyst, leopardskin jasper and tree agate.


The heart has yellow jasper, snow quartz, amethyst, tree agate and zebra jasper.


They all have copper and aluminum in them.

These are orgonites that do not appear separately on the website, because they are somewhat discolored or not as bright as I would like them to be and of some there are still many.


However, the operation is fine! It's a shame they're here in boxes.


TIP: place them at the induction hob, next to the WiFi amplifier, at the smart meter, etc.


The muffin is 2.7 cm thick. Diameter top is 5 cm, bottom is 6.5 cm.


Flower shape is 1.7 cm thick. Top diameter is approx. 5 cm and the bottom is 6 cm.

The heart is 1.7 cm thick. From the notch down is approx. 5 cm. At its widest point, it is approx. 7 cm.

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