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Orgonite Magic Box

Do you like to be surprised by an Orgonite Magic Box?

In such a box are orgonites that I have made and they will not be on the website. Some orgonites I just have a lot of, and with others it may be that there are some irregularities on them, they are somewhat dull or somewhat discolored, are not completely clear etc. However, there are beautiful gemstones in it and the efficacy is fine! So it's a shame they're in boxes here.

For example, you can also place it very well in the meter cupboard, under the cupboard next to the WiFi amplifier, near the induction hob, in plant pots, put it in the ground for the plants, or put it in places that you know are energetically contaminated, etc.

Do you like to be surprised by this Orgonite Magic Box? They are available in 3 sizes: S, M and L and a magical heart box. The number of orgonites you get varies from 6 to 8 orgonites per box.

S = approx. 250-300 grams €15,- *

M = approx. 450-500 grams €20,- *

L = approx. 700-750 grams €25,- *

Heart Box: €25,- *

Shop them here now and they will be carefully prepared for you and sent to you. Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask.

* Excl. shipping costs


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