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An orgonite? Beautiful, but what is it and what does it do?

About five years ago I heard for the first time of orgonite. I started exploring about it and became fascinated by how it works.

Orgonite comes from the word Orgon, which means life energy. Negative orgone can be found in high concentration near nuclear power plants, large cities and industrial areas. A high concentration of positive orgone can be found in the forest, near a waterfall, in the mountains. Maybe you know the feeling that when you are in a beautiful place in nature and that the atmosphere feels so pure. You feel charged and get energy from it. This positive orgone that Wilhelm Reich had discovered is a reference to measurable cosmic (etheric) energy. In different cultures it is also known as 'chi', 'prana', zero-point energy, 'ether' or 'mana': it all refers to vital life energy that is inexhaustible.

Everything around us consists of energy, including radiation from WiFi and mobile phones. An orgonite transforms this negative radiation to positive, or to a higher frequency. It is a scientific method based on the piezoelectric effect. The epoxy in which everything is poured causes a pressure that causes the crystals to produce an electrical voltage and the metals are the conductors. This converts negative to positive.

By using an orgonite you can bring the energy of your home to a higher frequency. People often say that the energy in the house feels better; the environment feels much calmer. Animals and plants also benefit from it. A nice side effect is that an orgonite does not need to be cleaned or discharged. It just works continuously.

The larger the orgonite, the larger the surface it can cover. The small ones are ideal to carry in your pocket or bag and the larger ones you can put somewhere in the house. It strengthens the energy field and also the kind of gemstones, minerals, and geometry that are in it will do their job in their own specific way. ​You will be more attracted to one orgonite than to another, because the gems all have their own vibration and energy just like the mandala I make.

Of course, I was also very curious whether I could really make tangible what an orgonite does.

What I started to notice is that since there are orgonites in my house, the plants are all doing so well. A fern that was almost written off, now forms new leaves after I put an orgonite in its pot. The potted marigold with orgonite, grew considerably faster and became three times the size of the plants without orgonite. A zucchini plant in pots also grew like cabbage in a short time. It continued to form buds and leaves. The offshoots of the strawberry that I had put in a jar were also on a coaster. I could see that they rooted and started forming new leaves faster. By trying this kind of things you can clearly see that it has a positive effect. It immediately makes the effect more tangible.

Do you have experience with orgonites and do you like to share? I'd love to hear from you!


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