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Hi There

My name is Bianca Dekker, founder of

Bright-Art Orgonite, artist and designer of this website. A few years ago I started making orgonites and eventually this resulted in this entire creation. 

About me

With a background in (rural development) sociology and disaster studies and a job that had nothing to do with that, I was totally out of place. Quitting my job felt like a leap of faith, but actually I had no choice. Doing something I really enjoyed felt like an absolute must. That was, in the broadest sense of the word, one great voyage of discovery. A few years ago I came into contact with orgonites. I found the way it works very fascinating and started making them myself. It was nice that I could use my creativity and I noticed that I could do this with passion and love. 


When making the orgonites, the goal was always to keep it as pure as possible, so without synthetic or colored gemstones, colored epoxy or existing metal figurines or symbols (everything that was not made by myself). Gradually, geometric mandalas arose spontaneously by using the copper wire that goes into the orgonite. This geometric mandala forms a perfect combination with the gemstones. This also has its own specific effect and will strengthen the effect of the orgonite. By using different stones every time and making new combinations, very different orgonites are created again and again. I have named them the 'New Art' collection. 


In addition to the special and healing effect of an orgonite, they became also 'pieces of art'. I like working with the natural colors of the stones, so that it becomes a beautiful harmonious whole. It is immediately a beautiful work of art that you would like to have in your home or carry with you. The gemstones can really show their beauty and if you look closely you will see some of them with a beautiful sparkle! Hence the choice for the name Bright-Art Orgonite. It is bright and cheerful art. It was inevitable that a website had to be created for this. I did this myself and here too I could fully express my creativity. I can now also offer you to build a website especially for you. Go to webdesign to read more about this. 

Besides the orgonites I also give reiki treatments. In 2003 I did a weekend course in Reiki 1. I can well remember feeling wonderful in that new energy for a week. A year later I did Reiki 2. I wanted to be able to treat people, especially my immediate family, from a distance. At the moment I can't offer you physical treatment in a practice room yet and that's why I'm going to start offering distance treatments. You can read more about it soon and then possibly schedule a day and time. 


Best regards, 


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