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Maybe you recognize it that you are in a beautiful place in nature and that the air and atmosphere feels so pure. You feel charged and get energy from it. This positive orgone that Wilhelm Reich had discovered is a reference to measurable cosmic (etheric) energy. In various cultures it is also rendered as 'chi', 'prana', zero-point energy, 'ether' or 'mana': it all refers to vital life energy that is inexhaustible.


He discovered that it is possible to attract this positive orgone energy yourself by stacking several layers of fiberglass (organic) and steel wool (non-organic). The combination of the organic and non-organic material ensured this. He built accumulators, large closets, and put people there with all kinds of diseases. This yielded exceptionally good results. It has been called the most important discovery in 'medicine' of the last century.

From orgone to orgonite                                   

Karl Welz, another researcher, first used the term 'orgonite'. He added the polyester-resin component as organic material. This gave the same result as Wilhelm Reich's accumulators. Don and Carol Croft discovered in the year 2000 that the effect was further enhanced by adding quartz crystals. You can think of rock crystal, amethyst, snow quartz, tiger eye, agate, citrine, chrysoprase, chalcedony, rose quartz, aventurine, smoky quartz, carnelian, smoky quartz, etc. Quartz crystals have the property to collect and transform ethereal energy. The addition of these crystals results in a constant transformation to positive energy.

An orgonite is therefore a mix of organic and non-organic components: different metal particles, crystals and gemstones are cast together in resin. The hardening of the resin puts the quartz crystals under pressure and produces an electrical voltage. This is the piezoelectric effect. The metals in the orgonite conduct this voltage, so that the energy that is released is released to the room or the person who carries the orgonite. The negative, blocked energy is attracted and converted into positive, flowing and nourishing energy. In addition, each crystal generates its own energy. Due to the different combinations and quantities, each orgonite is unique. 

Often simple, but very functional orgonites are placed or buried in places where positive energy is desired. Such as at radio masts, hospitals, prisons, or at nuclear power plants. So in places that are energetically very polluted. Without many people being aware of it, radioactive radiation (negative orgone) is also a major source of pollution. 

Why an orgonite

Everything around us consists of energy, even things we don't see, such as radiation from mobile phones. An orgonite transforms this negative radiation to positive, or to a higher frequency. Experiences of users have shown that an orgonite causes fewer complaints from mobile and wireless radiation sources, among other things. It neutralizes the radiation that is released when using mobile phones, transmission towers, Wi-Fi, the 'smart meter', DECT telephones, high-voltage pylons, electromagnetic fields, etc. By using an orgonite you can also raise the energy of your home to a higher level. bring frequency. People often say that the energy in the house feels better; the environment feels much  calmer. Animals and plants also benefit from it. ​​A nice bonus is that an orgonite does not need to be cleaned or discharged. The larger the orgonite, the greater surface area it can cover. The small ones are ideal to take with you in your pocket or bag and the larger ones to put down somewhere. It strengthens the energy field and also the kind of gems, minerals, and geometry that are in it will do their job in their own specific way. ​

What is very striking is that since I have orgonites in my house, the plants are all doing so well. A fern that was almost written off is now forming new leaves after I put an orgonite in its pot. The potted marigolds with orgonite grew considerably faster and were three times as large as the plants without orgonite. A zucchini plant in a pot also grew like cabbage in a short time. It continued to form buds and leaves. It's worth trying this out for yourself and experimenting with it. I also sometimes put a vase of flowers on a New Art coaster. You can see that the flowers that are still in the bud have more power to come out. The offshoots of the strawberry that I had put in a jar are also on a coaster. You can see that they root faster and start forming new leaves. By trying this kind of thing you can clearly see that it has a positive effect. It immediately makes the effect more tangible. It really works! An orgonite can therefore give a huge positive boost to humans, animals and nature. 


The scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897–1957) introduced the life energy 'orgon' in the 1930s. He discovered that positive orgone and negative orgone radiation is present. The negative orgone can be found in high concentration near nuclear power plants, large cities and industrial areas. A high concentration of positive orgone can be found in the forest, near a waterfall, in the mountains.

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