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Reiki is an ancient alternative medicine and the Japanese word for universal life energy. This energy stimulates the self-healing capacity of the body. People often feel very relaxed, pain can be reduced, you can feel more balanced, etc. A treatment can help physically, emotionally and mentally. Animals also benefit from it.


I open myself as a channel through which the life energy flows. By placing my hands on your body in different hand positions, energy transfer takes place. You may experience this as warmth, heat, cold or tingling, seeing colors or not experiencing anything. That's fine too. Know that the energy is doing its job. I can perceive all kinds of sensations in my hands. I do it intuitively and do not attach any judgment to it. I let the energy do its job. Knowing that it does what it is allowed to do. A Reiki treatment can also very well be given in addition to a regular treatment, for example as a supplement or reinforcement.


What I think is important is that there is permission for the treatment. I will never just send energy without permission or without anyone knowing about it. Unless I know of someone who allows this. For a distance treatment for an animal, I make a ball of my hands and then make contact with the animal. When it starts flowing then I know it's okay. Every person and animal has free will. I think it's important to respect this.


At the moment I can't offer you a physical treatment in a practice room yet, but I can offer you a distance treatment. Your name and the place you are located is all I need to make contact. For such a treatment I use a pillow, which then functions as your body for me. It works great for me to give someone a treatment from a distance. I can feel much clearer and better then. This is partly because we are not in each other's physical energy field. My experience is that the treatment is therefore more powerful. 


I have chosen to offer both a 30 min. and a 45 min. treatment. They are both whole body treatments. 30 minutes goes really fast for me. In 45 minutes I have a little more time to stay longer and give more in places where more is needed. Multiple treatments are often required to see the real effect of certain complaints.  You can choose whether you want those treatments in 1 week, or spread over a number of weeks. An energy treatment is never a replacement for regular medicine, but it can be a very nice addition. Even if you have no complaints, it can be very nice to receive treatment (for example once). It can work on different levels.


I think it's important that we agree on a day and time.You then know that you will receive the treatment at that time so that you can sit / lie down comfortably, but this is up to you. After the 30/45 minute treatment, I would like to get in touch with you by phone or via 'Google Meet' (I will send you a link) to talk about your experience or maybe you have any questions. Everything you share with me stays between us. If you do not like to call immediately afterwards, please let me know when you fill in the form.



  • You determine in the agenda when you want the appointment for the treatment.

  • If you want to let me know anything in advance, you can indicate this on the form. 

  • You will receive a reminder 24 hours in advance.

  • I will give you the 30/45 minute treatment on that day/time.

  • After that we have (brief) contact by telephone or via 'Google Meet'. Whatever you like best.

  • If you choose Google Meet then the link is in the reminder email you receive.

  • You can always decide afterwards whether you want more treatment. I leave you completely free in that.


PS. You can also ask me for a pet like a dog or a cat. I first feel in advance whether the animal wants it. A while ago I did this for a dog during a surgery. This is also possible. Reiki for support after surgery can also be nice because the energy stimulates the body's self-healing capacity.


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