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Met neodymium magneten & aardende edelstenen

Met neodymium magneten & aardende edelstenen


This is an orgonite with grounding gemstones such as magnetite, red jasper, pyrite, smoky quartz, magnetite, brass, aluminum wire and copper wire.


There is a very large neodymium magnet in the middle and some smaller magnets along the edge, some of which have a copper coating.

I used very strong magnets because the neodymium magnet (metal) has a grounding effect and it also eliminates the harmful effects of radiation that is released by e.g. mobile phones, WiFi, computers, induction cooker, etc.


I have about the same in my living room. The pictures show both sides of it.


This one weighs 2 kilos and 29 grams.

The thickness is 3.5 cm.

Diameter is approx. 19 cm

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