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Orgonite Mix Box - D

Orgonite Mix Box - D

€36.00 Regular Price
€19.00Sale Price

These are three flower-shaped orgonites with cheerful colors. With these mix boxes you get the orgonites that are in the picture.


The upper orgonite: it contains the stone yellow and red jasper, aventurine and tree agate. The metals in it are copper wire and aluminum wire and chips.


Left: it contains copper and aluminum wire, carnelian, yellow jasper, tiger's eye, snow quartz, aluminum chips.


Right: this one has copper and aluminum wire, leopardskin jasper, garnet, snow quartz, amethyst, aluminium chips

These are orgonites that are not listed separately on the website. These have a nice shine.


TIP: place orgonites at the induction hob, next to the WiFi amplifier, at the smart meter, etc.


Flower shape is 1.3 - 1.5 cm cm thick. Top diameter is approx. 4.5 cm and the bottom is 5 cm.



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