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in the happiest colors

Buy an orgonite pendant

All orgonite pendants are handmade with beautiful gemstones. They are very cheerful and suitable for hanging somewhere. It is possible to wear them around your neck. However, some are a bit heavy, so this is up to you. The combinations of precious stones and metal make each pendant unique. It is an original gift for yourself or for someone else. Which pendant are you attracted to?

Many different gemstones

Gemstones have been important to people since time immemorial. Because of their beauty, color and beneficial effect. They have a wisdom and beauty that we can use. Each stone has already gone through an entire growth process. They all have their own energy and vibration.  A total of 55 different stones were used for the orgonites on this site. Which (colour) gemstones attract your attention?

All orgonites with a sustainable touch

At Bright-Art Orgonite we like to spread positive energy that benefits people, nature and animals. In addition, we think sustainability is important. We only have one earth and we have to be careful with it. That is why we want to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. We do this by consciously dealing with materials, workplace and when sending the packages. All orgonites are given a 'green' finishing touch before they go to their new owner.

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